How to Get To Base Level 99 Rapid on Ragnarok Online

Ragnarok Online can be daunting in the beginning glance. Truthfully, that is so anticipated without some expert viewpoint from players that already tried it. This is what this short article has to do with. It’s about to prepare you on your trip on playing Ragnarok Online.

Number 1: Work option. The recommended task selection is the Swordsman one. The trick is killing adversaries on the fastest time. To be able to do this, you need the Magnum Break Ability, Fly Wings, and potions/fruits (whatever heals/cures the personalities). To be able to be a Swordsman, you have to get your work level to 10.

Number 2: (Once a Swordsman) Where to level-up to be able to use the Magnum Break Ability. To be able to use the Magnum Break Ability, you need to enhance your task degree up to 10. Go to the Spores for this one. Obtain as much Magnum Break level as possible.

Number 3: Where to increase your base degree approximately 30: Most likely to the Poisonous Substance Spores. The key here is tempting and beating as much Poisonous substance Spores as you can manage and also kill with Magnum Break. Use your potions/fruits and also Fly Wings along the way.

Number 4: Where to enhance your base level as much as 40: Go to the Orc Warriors (Orc Town).
Use the exact same strategy utilized over.

Number 5: Where to increase your base level approximately 53 as well as obtain adequate job level to be a Knight: Orc Zombie.

Number 6: Become a sideline as a Knight.

Number 7: Go back to the Orc Zombies to raise your base degree up to 70. Try to alter your tool right into a Pike and replace your ability from Magnum Break to Bowling Bash as fast as you can Additionally, rent out a Peco as fast as you can.

Number 8: If you do not have much Zenny, keep on battling Orc Zombies up until you get to base degree 99. Or else, go to various other monsters which provide more experience points until you get to base level of 99.

Number 9: Tool selection: obtain as much strength as possible depending on your Zenny.

Number 10: What to enhance: I would suggest filling out the DEX initially as much as possible. After that, do the same with VIT. Last but not least, spend the staying points on STR. If there are still staying factors, it depends on you where you would wish to invest them.

Number 11: Use potions/fruits reasonably.

Number 12: Usage fly wings for time efficiency.

This provides you an idea of exactly how to level-up quickly on Ragnarok Online. You can mix it up depending upon your preference, style, and so on. Best of luck!